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Stylish dark blue kitchen with white marble counter

Designing a new kitchen? Doesn´t have to always play it safe, but make sure your customers are always happy in the end.


I decided to experiment a bit with the design of this kitchen and try something that is not seen very often here in Czech Republic. But why? Not that I was given the task, but I had the desire to step out of my comfort zone, and the assignment itself did not prevent me in doing so. Rather, the assignment prompted me to do so.

It was one of those cases where customers (a young couple) couldn’t agree on anything. She wanted a more traditional interior, but he wanted a cool modern interior filled with LED stripes. She wanted a warmer feeling interior, but he prefered cooler shades of colors. Just as they say: opposites are attracted to each other 🙂 Finding compromises was just as challenging. When I left the meeting with the customers, I was quite clear about the layout of the interior, but I still wasnt sure what colors and style I would choose.

However, the customers did agreed on some points. Both wanted an unusual interior. They also like white marble which they wished preferably for the bathroom, and they both agreed with using dark blue color in the interior. After a while of looking for inspiration on my pinterest board, I decided to take a little risk. I personally like the combination of a dark blue kitchen with a marble worktop and a bronze handle. An ideal mix of traditional and modern look, which is fairly unusual for our local region.


The main path of the interior leads across the room from the entrance from the hallway, leading by the dining table to the study door behind the kitchen. This path is left completely free and unobstructed. There are three turns from this path. The first turn leads through the living area to the French window leading to the garden. The second turn leads you to the bar counter of the kitchen island and to the main working area of ​​the kitchen. The third turn will take you to the back of the kitchen where you will find a pantry and a fridge.

In the living area, there is a large comfortable L-shaped sofa facing the wall with a corner fireplace. To highlight the wall, I used brick cladding, which again is not very often used in our country. The TV set is made up of a simple set of veneered cabinets supplemented with a black metal construction. A side table and a two-piece coffee table, both massive with a metal construction, are used as storage areas around the seat. For cosiness, I added a textile tabouret and a carpet with a faded look.

But the center of attention is a relatively large dark-blue kitchen with a white marble worktop. The main kitchen area with a sink is under the window overlooking the garden. Opposite to the sink is a handsome kitchen island with a bar counter. The tall kitchen wall consists of cabinets for built-in appliances, including a refrigerator, and offers plenty of storage space.

The massive wood/metal combined dining table is iluminated with a couple of stylish design lamps. For the seating, there are chairs covered with black brushed leather.

I think that the resulting interior design was very nice, although it was very unusual for our location. Although the customers did like the design, they asked me for another color variation of this interior. For the second variant, I was already sure what to do and the result ended with complete customer satisfaction. You can read about the second variant of this interior in the following article.

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