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Stylish children’s room and living room

Or how to turn one living room into two rooms at a reasonable price


Take the existing living room and put an extra kid’s room into it :). Fortunately, this living room was big enough… maybe too big. The large U shaped sofa, despite its size, seemed tiny. The TV was too far from the sofa so that it could be conveniently watched. There was a dining table with six massive chairs in the opposite corner and yet the room felt pretty empty.

The most appropriate solution was to create a children’s room in the corner between the front door and the balcony. The partition is placed so that it separates the left balcony window from the balcony door. As a result, the balcony door will still be a part of the living room, but the left balcony window will be the window of the child’s room.

The slightly chamfered corner of the new room is a small ergonomic addition. Thanks to it, the passage to the living room will be more open and more pleasant.

The newly designed children’s room is just 10cm narrower than the original room with two boys. This way both of the boys will have their own room.

For financial and time reasons, the rooms were designed from furniture available in shops instead of custom furniture. So this way, the furnishing process will be faster and cheaper. In this case, you can always rely on stores such as IKEA, DesignovyNabytek, and others.


The main demands for the children’s room were: corner desk, bed with storage space, a pillowcase, and plenty of storage for toys. You can find all of that in the room and some more. For the furniture, I choose a white color with oak wood decor to make the room resonate a bit with the rest of the apartment.

The walls are dominated by a light gray-blue color, complemented by a white brick wallpaper. (the children’s room does not always have to be the oversaturated yellow-blue-green candy room that can make your eyes hurt) 🙂 The more saturated colors can be found only on the glass magnetic board and some other accessories.

When the toys will be scattered all over the room, there will be more than enough color 🙂

Everything in the design can be bought in stores, only the library has been tailored to make the most of the corner. It is only however composed of white laminate shelves supported by wooden laths and that’s a pretty simple DIY solution.


Despite the “smaller than before” dimensions, the living room is offering the same benefits as the current one, but with a better arrangement. There is still a large corner seat for 4 people and an ottoman. In addition, the TV is now positioned at the optimum distance from the seat, so you will not miss any detail from the evening news 🙂

In the dining area, you will find a round table with a diameter of 120cm, well suitable for a four-member family. In addition, you can find here a stylish chest of drawers, a perfect place for some decoration arrangement. A rectangular table with a size of 180x90cm would also fit in, but it was not necessary.

Overall, the room is designed in a minimalist Scandinavian style that is functional, cozy and pleasant to look at.

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