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Smaller living room design with industrial elements


The layout of the furniture was clear at the first glance at the room. It was a square passage room with 4 doors. There was only one reasonable option for the furniture layout. To place the sofa in the middle of the room facing the single wall with no openings and with the existing stove.

From the sofa, it is easy to see the kitchen door and the door leading to the backyard. The doors behind the sofa lead to the residential part of the house and into the main hallway. Usually, I try to place the sofa to where, I can see all the doors in the room, but in this case it was not possible. And I really didn´t want to place traffic mirrors in the corners of the room 🙂 But joking aside. It was a small and only inevitable compromise.

The house was already furnished in a more rustic spirit. In the living room, there was a classical leather double sofa with an armchair and a massive rustic cabinet set, serving as a TV table and showcases. They got to go.

After consulting with the customers I left with a few general requirements. They wanted something new and fresh, but not very modern. They wanted a lighter interior, but also they are not afraid of darker colors. But mainly, they wanted a change. That’s why I decided to use more industrial feeling furniture in the design. This way the interior will be different enough to fulfill their need for change, but still close to their taste.


The center of the attention in the new design is the 4-seater sofa IKEA LANDSKRONA  with its stool. Most of the furniture is used from the same series, in a combination of massive wood and black metal. The list of furniture can be found below. Only the new veneered TV cabinets are designed as custom furniture.

In order to get some more industrial touch for the interior, I used the brick cladding OF.NFP.Antik 1707 on the walls. I left the other walls mostly white, just the wall behind the seat was colored with PRIMALEX – S 3005-R20B. I used the same color on the middle part of the ceiling, bounded by the SDK backlit ramp.

The EGLO – BOLSANO suspension lamp is the main source of light. This is complemented by the LIFELIGHT – LF14 floor lamp and the spotlights in the back of the room. In addition, the TV cabinets also come with LED backlighting, as well as the ceiling ramp and the opening for the shading attachment. So the customer has enough flexibility to light the room as they wish.

The interior attracted the customers at first glance, requiring just one small modification of the library space.

Task completed 🙂

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Below you can check out the full picture gallery of this article. If you like these interiors, you can also find below a list of some of the items I’ve used in the design.

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