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Small rustic kitchen? Why not? :)

A tale of a visualization that saved the day.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t so dramatic, but this short article helps understand, how visualizations are good for your decision making.

This article will be a bit different. It was already clear from the beginning that the customer spent a lot of time thinking and developing the plans for the kitchen. If he had something to change his mind about, he had already done so. He had a clear idea about his kitchen. Trying to convince him about something would be like trying to move our cat out of his warm spot on the sofa… so no chance.

I won´t lie. When reading the clients request, I had to read it several times to make sure that I´m seeing right 🙂 It was a rather small room with three doors and a window… and there should be a rustic masonry kitchen? The fridge in the middle of the room? A bar? Large corner rustic hood? At first I was just shaking my head, but the more I sat on it, the clearer the overall picture was starting to get.

This is where the realistic interior visualisations come in handy. Thanks to them, the customer will see exactly what the kitchen will look like before any serious investments. It will make sure if the real kitchen will be fully in line with the customers ideas.

Finally, I accepted “the challenge” and went to work. Creating the 3D model of the kitchen took a little time. I also made sure that the materials such as wood, ceramic tiles and bricks have the right rustic patina on them. It was more of a 3D graphical artist, less of an interior designer project.

Unfortunately, most of the appliances and the stainless steel sink had already been purchased by the customers. Personally, for the utmost authenticity, I would choose a ceramic sink: Blanco Panor 60 PuraPlus and more classic looking appliances like Gorenje BO 73CLI for example.

As a result, both me and the client were happy with the outcome. I polished a little my dusty 3D graphics knowledge and the client got his last bit of assurance before starting the real thing 🙂

Hopefully I will be able to share some photos of the kitchen once its finished.

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