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No room? No problem!

Design for a girls room, that despite its small size meets all the requirements.

The smaller the room, the greater the challenge

At first glance at this room, I was expecting almost a “hell no” reaction from my brain. Instead, it surprised me with a great joyous “excellent”. Why? Probably because I enjoy designing small spaces. Especially when a customer wants to get a lot of things into that little space. And this room with its dimensions of 2.24 x 3.54m could be considered a perfect example of a compact room. Challenge accepted!

Nothing special was requested for this project. Just a usual bed and a wardrobe, and the young lady living in this room was desiring a corner desk with a possibility of a dressing table. You can find all this in the design … and something extra 🙂

Just a few minutes in the room and the new layout of the furniture was clear to me. First of all the bed must be under the window. If it was placed along the side wall, it would no longer be possible to place any practical furniture (maximum one night table). That means lots of wasted space. Then the corner writing desk will continue, separating the room into 2 zones. The resting zone and a work/wardrobe zone.

Resting zone

The bed was placed under the window first in the design. But under the window is a radiator, what about it? I designed a cover for the radiator from a laminate board. This serves not only as a heater cover but also offers various storage compartments for books and such.

Of course, we live in modern times and we cannot miss a reading lamp with wireless phone charging in the resting zone 🙂

The bed is designed to fit in tightly, to use the entire width of the room. Thanks to the chosen layout I could afford to use a 200x100cm bed, which was greatly appreciated by customers. This is however not a standard bed. It is designed as a stage with sliding storage space. The mattress will lay on the top of this stage.

Working/wardrobe area

Next is the corner writing desk. The corner of the table is not in the right angle, for several ergonomic reasons. One of them is that the person sitting at the table will not sit directly back to the door. She will have a slightly better overview of the space. The second reason was an easier and more comfortable passage to the bed. The passage leading from the door to the bed is now curved rather than zigzagging 🙂

One of the elements I wanted in the room the shelving construction above the desk. This serves as an optical space divider. The gilded metal construction, the open shelves and the cabinet with glass back and front offers necessary storage space and still let plenty of daylight in the room.

Next to the working part of the desk, is a round mirror section that serves as a dressing table. The rest of the wall is complemented by a pair of cabinets and a glass magnetic board that cannot be missing at a desk 🙂

There is a reasonably large (130cm wide) wardrobe with a mirror, reaching all the way to the ceiling. On the side of this wardrobe are some sloped shelves with curved edges. They help to enhance the feel of the curved passage leading to the bed.


This compact children’s room for a girl was an ideal occasion to try out the color of Living Coral, which is the color of 2019. The furniture is mainly white, supplemented with fine pastel green color and maple décor that is found on the existing door to the room.

Then just add a pinch of tinsel here, a piece of fur there, and a room for a little girl is done 🙂

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