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Natural kitchen with a modern kitchen island

It is good to have a large kitchen, but it has to be designed with ergonomy in mind.


When the young owners moved to this apartment, they kept the kitchen after the previous owners. Although it was in good shape, it was not ergonomically well solved. It was G-shaped and the space enclosed by the kitchen was too big. You could dance the waltz or even acrobatic Rock’n Roll on that space 🙂 It is good to have a large kitchen, but it has to be designed with ergonomy in mind. Plus, because the kitchen is bounded by the wall only on two sides, the G-shaped kitchen feels a bit like a coop.

The new owners were satisfied with the disposition of the kitchen and wanted to preserve it first. Nevertheless, during a personal consultation, I outlined the possibility of a variation of the kitchen with an island which raised their curiosity. After a moment of hesitation, I was happy that they agreed to let me work with the island variant. Furthermore, the owners wanted a new kitchen in natural shades but with modern elements.


The base of the new kitchen is an L-shaped set of cabinets and a medium island with a bar counter. Now the fridge is more easily accessible, there is plenty of counter space next to the oven and the overall ergonomic triangle of the designed kitchen is much smaller than in the original kitchen. This way you don´t have to walk around too much while cooking.

The island itself is very versatile. Firstly, it offers a 180x80cm working area with an electric hob, but also a bar with stylish bar chairs and some side shelves. Thanks to this, the island is not only practical but also interesting to look at. Another interesting aspect is the shelf system suspended from the ceiling. It also serves as an optical divider between the dining zone and the kitchen. In addition, the spotlights on the underside of the shelves serve as lighting for the bar counter.

The combination of wood and white glossy surfaces will ensure a combination of natural materials and a modern look that will last long. A little diversity for the kitchen is also added by a brick cladding at the rear of the kitchen.

In the dining area, I used a dining table with a wooden top and black metal legs and comfortable dining chairs with a black leather cover suitable for a long sitting. The combination of black in the dining area is in contrast to the white color in the kitchen. This makes the dining area optically separate from the kitchen and does make the whole space look more diverse.

The first proposed design has ridden the customers of all the uncertainties about the new layout of the kitchen. The kitchen with the island offers more freedom of movement and thanks to better access to/from the kitchen you will not feel like enclosed in a coop 🙂

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