Design Blog 3D

About this blog

What is DesignBlog3D?

First of all, it is my personal side project, that serves as an enhancement to my interior designer job. I would like to think of it as a public diary of an interior designer. I will write mainly about the interiors that I create for the studio, but also about the interiors of my colleagues. In addition, I will describe my experiences from the world of design, various design tips and tricks, and possibly some reviews and lists of favorite products.

What does DesignBlog3D offer to you?

It can serve you as a regular source of inspiration from the interior design world. Each project offers, besides a gallery of pictures, a brief description of the interior, various tips and solutions to the problems required by the project. Also, for each interior, you will find a listing of objects and materials used in that project. You will have the opportunity to customize your own space according to the design you like. And if you would like to design your interior by a designer, you can find more info here.

What is so 3D about this DesignBlog?

Our projects of course 🙂 By that I don´t mean that you need 3D glasses to see them 🙂 But we work in 3D programs where we create visualizations for your designs. We try to create these visualizations in great quality, to match them as close as possible to reality. Having such a visualization of the interior before the start of the realization is a huge advantage for the customer. Especially when you want to embark on a more courageous or atypical realization. You can see such an example in this article.

How does BlogDesign3D work?

Regular feed of our interior designs will guarantee a regular source of articles and inspirations for this blog. In addition to each project, I will create a list of items and materials that I will then categorize them at “My selections“. There you will find our favorite products that we have good experiences with and like to use in our projects. And if you like something from this selection, clicking on the product image will take you to the dealer’s site where you can buy the product for your interior.

What benefits do I have from this blog?

The blog is still in its infancy so none 😀 Maybe when it’s little older … However, as I wrote at the beginning, this is a side project. I dedicate my spare time developing this site. And all this I’m trying to build without distracting ads and/or banners. Just you and my articles. No pop-up video ads and other irritating marketing horrors.

Nowadays, nothing is free. This site also requires more than just a time investment. Web-hosting, Domain, Templates, Plug-ins … and other small services that require monthly costs.

If you found our blog useful in any way, I would greatly appreciate if you considered one of the options, how to support it. It does not have to cost you a thing.

If you find some grammar mistakes in this post, please contact me, so that I could make the corrections and polish my English in the process . Thank you!